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  • The Storm that is coming

  • The Abusive Man..

    Men who abuse their wives or girlfriends before they are married are and can be very dangerous. Some women who think their potential mate is a Christian with issues, could find out that their boyfriends aren’t really Christians at all, and are nothing more than a control freak.
    What signs should a Christian women look for […]

  • I hate You..Are you in a relationship with a woman who is abusive?

    The Abusive woman, either verbal, physical, or emotional can wreak havoc in a relationship, marriage, Church, and business.
    One abusive spirit is the Jezebel Spirit, found primarily in women, and with this demonic spirit can destroy marriages, Ministries, and relationships.
    Join Evangelist Michael Parker for this teaching

  • Marriage, What God Intended

    What are the ingredients that make a blessed marriage by God? What is the presumed will of God, and the intentional will of God?
    What specific issues do both men and women face in a marriage that can either make or break a marriage?
    Join Evangelist Michael Parker on this 2 hour teaching of what Marriage is […]

  • Does God want you to be happy?

    God Never Said That: Part 1 – “God Wants You Happy” with Craig Groeschel –
    We love offering little nuggets of advice, support, or sympathy. They come in handy when we want people to feel better. But what if the guidance you’re giving or receiving just isn’t true? What if God Never Said That?

  • Pastor Ken Bilsborrow – The TRUE meaning of Christmas

    Pastor Ken concludes a series of sermons with this sermon showing us the true meaning of Christmas

  • 4 Blood Red Moons UPDATE Events leading up to the Second Blood Red Moon

    Our recent blood red moon update from the second blood red moon on October, 2014 had significant and prophetic shadows of things to come that will ultimately usher in the return of Christ, and the Great Tribulation period. The longest video to date, this documentary gives you some of the most significant events that have […]

  • Prophecies Of The 12th Imam…Has Obama unleashed the Anti Christ?

    This video gives you a compiled new report and look at the events surrounding the rise of Mahdi, the events that have led to the Hadith Prophecies that are given by Islam and the Quran regarding the Mahdi’s appearance, and what will be taking place when he appears. This video explains the undeniable proof that […]

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  • State Of The Church Address

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  • Does anybody hear her?

    It’s not enough just to invite her to church

    My church is my second home. Well, maybe my parents’ home where I spent the second part of my childhood (after we moved to town) is my second home. Church is definitely third. It is where I find comfort and where I meet weekly with others in worship. I was a preschooler there, was baptized […]

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    You can mail tithes and offerings to:
    The Home Church Online
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