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  • Prophetess Annette Bridges on Blog Talk Radio

    Prophetess Annette Bridges was a special guest on the Blog Talk Radio program “Prophecies Of The End Times” with Evangelist Michael Parker.

    Current Christianity Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Evangelist M Parker on BlogTalkRadio

  • Respect “Given or Earned”?

    How do we show respect to leaders of a country who license sin? How do we show respect to a boss who has a perverted mind? What does the bible state regarding these things, and what was Paul talking about in Romans 13 regarding these things?
    Join Evangelist Michael Parker and his wife Melissa for this […]

  • Can Christians go out and Party?

    As the holiday season kicks into high gear, Christians and their Jewish Brothers and Sisters alike will be attending gatherings and parties.
    As we look to the life of Christ, and his example, many Christians find themselves in a precarious situation when it comes to going to these outings.
    Many of these outings have alcohol, and people […]

  • Muslims slaughter Christians and drink their blood

    An organization in the middle east is interviewed regarding their rescue efforts of Christians and (Catholics) from being slaughtered. Disturbing material for some viewers..Viewer discretion is advised.

  • The Coming Third Temple

    This video is of a power point presentation presented by Evangelist Michael Parker of Fire Of The Holy Ghost Broadcasting Network and Prophecies Of The End Times discussing the soon rebuilt Third Temple in Israel.
    This was also presented live at Good News Bible Church, Pastor Ken Bilsborrow back in October 2013

Recent Posts

  • I’m Fed Up With Church! Now What?

    If you’re currently in a bad church experience or just coming out of one, you may be asking yourself, “Now what?” This show is here to help. We will explore the things that can make a person fed up with church, like false teachers and love of money, mistakes people make once they’ve left and […]

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  • thehomechurchslide1

    My brush with death

    It happened to me on the way to work this morning. I was listening to christian music on the radio and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in the car with me.
    I understand how so many people get filled up each morning with music and listen to the comments people make regarding how uplifted […]

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  • Are You A Slave To Sin ?

    Whose Slave are You?

    Series: From Guilt to Glory — Explained
    Author: Ray C. Stedman

    Read the Scripture: Romans 6:15-23

    I invite you now to turn to the book of Romans, where we are going to pick up in the middle of ChapterĀ 6. In this chapter we are dealing with a very practical problem, one that every Christian must […]

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