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Homeless of Coldwater Michigan

In this small town of roughly 14,000 people, Coldwater, MI has numerous people that are homeless, are on ultra low monthly incomes due to disabilities, or various other setbacks that have hit their incomes to the point of breaking.

People stand on street corners with signs for food, work, or other distressful messages. Mental disorders are the cause with some of the residents, and Meth Labs are very common. Branch County Michigan has a high rate of mobile meth labs compared to other counties in the state.

And it’s not just Coldwater, MI but other cities as well, including Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Flint, and many others have homeless families and individuals looking for financial assistance.

Last fall,  the Coldwater Inn caught fire, where numerous low income families lived paying rent week by week to have a room to stay in. The fire gutted the Inn and all of the families were required to move. The Home Church Online was there with your donations and gifts, along with clothes and winter jackets for some of those that needed them. The outpouring was so great, that the City of Coldwater had a large building in town where people could bring their donations.

The Home Church Online has created a program where your giving helps support these souls with meals, bible teaching via audio and printed materials, and provides these through outreach ministries throughout the state. Help us reach these dis-advantaged people today with your pledge or donation of any amount. God will richly bless you for doing so.

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