Have you sinned today?

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The theme of “sin” dominates the Bible. There are at least eight different terms in the Hebrew Old Testament reflecting some aspect of sin, e.g., “bad,” “wickedness,” “iniquity,” etc. Some thirteen different words in the New Testament similarly depict various shades of sin, e.g., “evil,” “unrighteousness,” “transgression,” etc. (cf. Pfeiffer, 2003, 1594-95).

Sin has left a deadly legacy upon our earth and its inhabitants as we subsequently shall demonstrate. It must be noted initially, however, that “sin” does not exist in a vacuum. Satan was the initial sinner (1 John 3:8; cf. John 8:44), and he seduced our original parents (Genesis 3:6-8). A corruption of the planet earth followed—first with the Edenic curse (3:16-19), later with the devastating Flood of Noah’s day (Genesis 6-8). Additionally, death became the common plague of all biological life (Genesis 2:17; Romans 5:12; 6:23). Because of human rebellion, the entire “creation” was subjected to the “bondage of corruption” (Romans 8:20-21).

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