Repent of your Sins

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I’ve been hearing from pastor colleagues urging great caution when approaching Mother’s Day in the church.  We must be careful not to glorify only the image of women as mothers when there are so many other aspects of what it means to be a woman.  Not all women are called to be mothers, and perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes that ignore the spectrum of sexuality and gender is never a good idea. Also, recognizing this “holiday” runs the risk of triggering feelings of sadness and pain for those who have lost mothers lost to death, mothers in prison, mothers who have suffered miscarriage or abortion, and women who have lost children or never had children at all, to name a few.  Not to mention that the relationship with mothers is complicated.  Abuse, neglect, estrangement, and difficulties due to mental or physical illness are realities that defy flowery bouquets and greeting cards.

Yet I have found that this day offers the rare culturally acceptable opportunity to celebrate and lift up women in the Bible, the “feminine” aspects of God, and the multifaceted gifts that women bring to faith and the church.  Mothers, like all others who ever plan on seeing the Lord in heaven, must repent of their sins…So, this MOther’s Day..why don’t you make this day, the day you come to Christ.

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