The Home Church Online welcomes you to our online services and community. Our Ministry and Church is the associated Church of Fire Of The Holy Ghost Broadcasting Network, lead by Evangelist, Bible Prophecy Teacher, and Pastor Michael Parker.

Our Church is called “The Native Church”..It was in 1605 when John Parker & his wife from Britain landed on the shores of Maine in America. They were among the 20,000 that fled Britain by ship to start a new life there. Thousands perished at sea and on land when they arrived, but John Parker and his wife would survive, would then have 4 generations of children, grand children, great grand children and great great grand children, all with John Parker’s sir name of John Parker II, III, and IV who would help populate the eastern half of America. These Parker’s were known as Puritans, bringing with them a unfiltered Christian lifestyle.

Time would allow the Parker’s to migrate south, and they filled the lands of West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina.  Eventually, Parker’s also migrated to Texas during the “Trail of Tears”, and socially and personally mingled with Native Americans and Black Slaves from Africa. Many Parker’s today have Cherokee and Comanche Indian heritage, along with American Negro heritage.

Our messages are inspired by holy scripture, world events, bible prophecy, and are given by the Holy Spirit to our congregation for edification, uplifting, teaching, and spiritual enlightenment to help equip the body of Christ. Our mission is to teach and disciple you to help spread the Gospel of Yeshua.

Our Staff Members

Evangelist Michael Parker

Evangelist Mike Bradford

Evangelist Dina Kalemta