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My brush with death

It happened to me on the way to work this morning. I was listening to christian music on the radio and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in the car with me.

I understand how so many people get filled up each morning with music and listen to the comments people make regarding how uplifted they are listening to good christian music…My only concern is that too many people get their spiritual feeding by music, rather than the word of God. And some of the music does not mention Christ’s name, or talk about the redemption process..some of it sounds like it’s all about the person singing..

So, I turned down the radio and began my morning meditation while driving and gathering my thoughts for prayer. I pray out loud in the car on the way to work and ask the Lord each morning to place a hedge of protection around our car. I ask him to also protect my grandchildren and daughters. I pray for their salvation and for individual needs. In some cases, I ask the Father to shake up their lives..and he does.

This morning had an unusually large full moon. It was hanging low in the western sky. I noticed it and thought about Muslims and how they call God..Allah. They are lost, but God wants them in the house too.

I always watch for deer in the morning cause there are a lot of deer here in Michigan and Indiana. My drive is nearly 70 minutes long one way to work so I have plenty of time to think about the day and pray and listen to music or to hear the lastest from Christan News.

As I approached the intersection to turn left on HWY 13, I approached the red light. I looked in my rear view mirror and seen one car a fair distance back that had not yet approached the intersection and traffic light. I seen one vehicle directly across from me waiting to turn left also. The light turned green….and then, in a clear and calm voice..I heard the Lord tell me..”wait”

I looked in front of me…the car across was moving into the intersection to turn…there were no cars to the right of me..and the car that was behind me was nearly up to me getting ready to go through the intersection.

I again attempted to proceed through the intersection and the Lord said “behold and WAIT”!! It was as if his arm came out of heaven and held the car back..

I know that the light was green..and that it was clear…until I looked to the left..

There was a 18 wheel semi truck and trailer traveling at least 55 mph, never sounded the horn..did not hit his brakes…and barreled through a red light. The car across from me almost was hit..the car to my right slammed on it’s brakes and almost was hit..and I was still sitting in the same spot the Lord told me…to wait.

As that Semi flew by..My response was “woe”

God the Father himself this day once again reached down and kept my life from ending on this planet. Why did he do that? Why am I to be here? Why was this not my day to leave and go home to glory?

I have survived during my lifetime many near death accidents, a gun pointed to my head, cocaine in my system that could have killed a horse, drunk from alcohol and driving while drunk with people in the car…things that have happened when I did not know Christ as my Savior…

So why?

Because someone was praying. Someone was praying for me and asking God to protect keep me be with me each step. My mother has gone on to glory and I know she use to pray for me..and so has my dad..I have a wife that prays for me and who loves me deeply..and I love her more today then at any time in our relationship….

Father God also has a plan for me..and until that plan is accomplished for the Kingdom of God, he will allow me to remain on this earth in obedience to him. My brush with death was over in a few seconds..and I thanked the Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father for sparing my life again. I know the enemy wants me out..and he has wanted me out for years…but God has dominion over my life. I have taken authority over the oppressions in my life, and CHRIST be glorified for it all!!

God bless those that pray for me..and may he bless you too for those that pray for you

Michael Parker

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