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The Home Church Online is growing!!

Greetings to all from the desk of Evangelist and End Time Teacher Michael Parker. I wanted to inform our online congregation that The Home Church online is now a growing part of ministries from around the nation. In the coming weeks, you will see a new design, online services held, and a Christian/Jewish Culture of messages designed to reach the lost for Christ. This has been in the making for many months, and along with patience and lot’s of prayer, a group of Christian and Jewish leaders, teachers, Prophetesses and more are planned to be a part of this endeavor to reach both Jew and gentile with the message of Jesus Christ’s Gospel.

In the weeks ahead, we prayerfully ask for your patience and support as we reconstruct the outline and website of our online community and congregation for a better experience and overall edification for the body of Christ. It is my pleasure to inform you of this, with more exciting news on the way in the coming weeks ahead.

Visit back often for updates

In Christ

Michael Parker


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