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WELCOME…Pastor and Evangelist Mike Bradford

We wish to extend a warm welcome to Pastor and Evangelist Mike Bradford who will be serving our online community and members of The Home Church Online.

Pastor Mike comes to us from Joplin MO., is related to a long list of Bradford’s from England who are known throughout history for their fiery approach to preaching the word of God. Pastor Mike’s vision and goal is to grow the Church and the Kingdom Of God with down to earth, simple and encouraging messages meant to stir the hearts of those that are lost, and challenge the elect into serving the Lord in their walk with Christ.

We are looking forward to his shepherdship, as many of you are in our network of ministries. If you have not found a Church yet, we hope that The Home Church Online will be your source of membership and family here on the online community. In the future, there will be video teachings and messages also as the congregation and viewership grows. We look forward to seeing you there.

Pastor Mike’s first message for Sunday, February 5th is titled “Its Time to Preach”. It will be broadcasted Sunday LIVE at 11 am EST.

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