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Whats happened to modern Church?

In today’s society, Church has grown to so many different aspects, that it’s hard to recognize the Church today. Many doctrines of devils and demons have been introduced over the last 15 years, and have infiltrated their way into many churches across the country and the world. Rarely anymore does the Rapture get preached about. Sin is no longer preached about and why we must repent…Salvation has become a private thing and not a public display of acknowledging that you are a Christ follower now.

Entertainment and music is played with the same beat and style as club music of the world..just the lyrics are changed. Rock bands and “screamo” concerts who profess to be “christian”  play music just like the world and demon worshipers, but only change the lyrics.

And some members of the body of Christ welcome it with open arms, because it reaches young people. Some make the claim that “everybody has sin in their life” and “you are not to judge anyone”

Branded by superficial knowledge of scripture, the “world” has married the Church, and also the Church has married the world…it is the “luke warm” condition that Jesus revealed to John in Revelation.

I was a hard core rock and roller. Listened to many of the heavy metal bands, cover bands, and pop/disco music of the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s. The words to a song truly take on meaning, when the beat of that song is in sync and parallel with the song. The harmony, the musical instruments, all play a major role in making a song a hit.

Since that style of music was associated with the lifestyle I was living, and the words of the songs portrayed that and influenced my lifestyle, it is no wonder that the entertainment of the mega churches and the emerging churches is a main theme.  The music has to appeal to the congregation. It has to move them. It has to get them pumped and their blood flowing….get them prepared for the message to be inspired and encouraged.

This aspect of Church as we know it today, has allowed the fueling of wickedness and sinful acts to take place in church. It has brought weak willed Christians to Church to be seduced by Pastors, abused sexually, and ripped off of their money. There are many churches around the world that adopt to this method of gaining more members and stealing the souls of those that attend.

Church is suppose to be a meeting place..sacred and holy ground where the Holy spirit shows himself during a gathering. It is a place of worship and praise..not just on Sunday morning or evening, or Wednesday, but 7 days a week. Rarely do you see church doors open except on Sunday morning.

Church is a holy place to praise and worship our God, and to give thanks and to heal the sick, the blind, the demonically possessed. It is a meeting or a gathering to help each other in our Christian walk. To share our struggles and to share our victories over sin in Christ.

It is a sanctuary for a man and a woman to join together in holy matrimony. And a holy sanctuary for ONLY a man and a woman..not for a man and a man or a woman and a woman. The modern Church is being forced to “tolerate” government laws regarding marriage. “Who are we to judge”?

We are ambassadors of the living Christ. Jesus, Paul, Moses, and others spoke of the consequences of those who participated in same sex unions. Many want to “re-write” the bible, give it a modern overhaul and let Gays marry openly and freely according to God’s word.

What so many do not understand and are unwilling to accept, along with the body of Christ, is that America is under God’s judgement. Christ still sits on the throne in heaven, but not for too much longer. The true believers in Christ know that their lamps are to remain lit both day and night. Watching for the return of the groom. They know that soon he will call them with a shout and a trumpet call.

I heard a radio program this past weekend proclaim a statement that has echoed throughout modern church era. “When we get to heaven, some of the people we see we would have thought they would have never made it…others we don’t see, we would have thought for sure they would.”

The bible is clear about how to obtain eternal life. The bible is clear about how your life is to be after you obtain salvation. The bible is clear who will and who will not inherit the Kingdom of God. However, in most cases, it is the individual who is NOT clear regarding scripture, and how they are to conduct their lives as a Christian. Many modern day “Christians” believe that they can sin, and still go to heaven.

The relationship you have with Christ is the key to that. Do you dictate to Christ the way your life will be lived? Or do you wake up each morning dieing to self, and asking Christ to guide you through the day?

Are you weak and know that you need his guidance, or are you strong and know you dont and can do it on your own?

Do you study scripture as a daily guide, or do you just read it on Sunday during Church?

If God SO loved the world that he gave his ONLY begotten much should you and I be grateful for that?

How much should you and I show honor, praise and love towards a God who sent his son to die for us? No greater love than this…yet the modern day church finds a way to break down what Christ did, and show you that he still owes you more blessings on top of it.

The death of Christ and the Resurrection, have fallen into the backlog of events that rarely get honored in a fashion that passionately describes what Christ did.

Most are waxed cold regarding the death of Christ. When explaining to members that Christ died, rarely do church members shed a tear.  I watch the Passion of the Christ movie often..just to remind me in graphic detail what my Lord did for me while I was yet a sinner.  Today’s modern Churches across America and the world will wake up one find that they have been in error. They will betray one another, and will hold preachers accountable for preaching such damnable doctrines. The chaos will be historical.

Many churches now believe that the “Rapture” is a heretical doctrine. That Christians will go through the wrath of God during the tribulation period.  Even with numerous parables and teachings from Christ, James, and Paul, some of the Churches and believers in them think that Christians will see the wrath of God and of Satan during this tribulation period spoken of in Revelation.

Well, they are correct, if they are a “Christian” that is “luke warm”, or a professing christian who “cast out demons and done mighty works” in the name of Christ…and he tells them “depart from me you workers of iniquity..I never knew you.”

It is so plain to see, that if your relationship with Christ is not one of intimacy, passion, and true love for your Lord, one that has not changed your life completely and transformed you into a new that does not show the true meaning of being Christ like..then chances are your salvation, and the proof of that salvation has not occurred. You will be left here during the tribulation period. The opponents of the Rapture state that Jesus makes it clear to the disciples in Matthew Chapter 24, that he will not return until the end of the tribulation period. That is correct. His foot will touch the Mount of Olives when he returns for his second coming. But the rapture is not a physical return to earth. It is meeting Christ in the air, and forever to be with him. No more separation.  Meeting him in the air to be taken to the wedding feast, while the world attempts to destroy itself. It is part of the second coming of Christ, but not the physical part..just the first stage of his return.

Hold onto these teachings. Dont allow the modern day church with false doctrines to take the blessed hope we have of Christs return away from us. He will return for us..he promised he would.

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